1st GUIDE - How Xriba DAO Works

The Xriba Association's DAO is a tool that allows for the decentralization of the development of the Association's blockchain projects.

The DAO is made up of two parts:

  • DAO Forum - offchain 
  • DAO dApp - onchain

DAO Forum

The DAO forum is where you are right now, the beating heart of the DAO community, where everything begins. All those interested in contributing to the development of blockchain projects can share their ideas, comment on the epics posted by others, and interact with the Association's blockchain developers, who will provide feedback and useful recommendations.

DAO dApp

The DAO's voting dApp is where the blockchain's magic happens; every action on the decentralized platform corresponds to a BNB Chain transaction, which will be signed with the DAO's own wallet, Metamask.

On the dApp, there is the SPRINT, which is the cycle of proposal, vote, and approval that leads to the definition of development roadmaps. Each Sprint has a predetermined duration that may be viewed by going to the DAO dApp's Home page.

Each sprint is divided into the following steps:

  • The Collecting Proposal phase
  • The Poker Planning
  • The Voting phase
  • The Roadmap’s Release phase

Collecting Proposal

During the Collecting Proposal phase, you will be able to search for proposals that have previously been discussed on the Forum by entering a title and a maximum of X characters. When you send a proposal, it will be subjected to hashing, and the hash will be included in the proposal's signature, making it unmodifiable and irrefutable.

The Poker Planning

Due to the Xriba ecosystem's limited development resources, only a small number of suggestions can be incorporated in the roadmap at this time. In fact, it will no longer be possible to search for proposals in this stage. Only Xriba developers will be able to interact with the dApp, giving each proposal a vote of effort.

Developers will have the ability to execute a proposal without filling in the effort field, which will remain with the value “0”. In this way, it will be avoided that proposals that are not sufficiently clear or impossible to implement during the next SPRINT will be allowed to enter the roadmap.


In this phase you can express your support for or opposition to a proposal. The value of one's own vote is determined by the amount of XRA deposited in the DAO's smart contract. This means that if you deposit 1000 XRA in a dApp and vote in favor of a proposal, the dApp will have +1000 votes in favor, a positive value. If you vote against the dApp, you will receive -1000 points, a negative value.

The dApp will always display the vote total, thus if there was a user who voted in favor of a vote for 2000 XRA and another who voted against a vote of 4000 XRA, the vote total would be -2000.

Roadmap’s Release 

The dApp's smart contracts keep track of the number of votes cast on each proposal, resulting in a ranking. Then they take into account the effort required for each proposal, resulting in a final roadmap that is published, paving the way for a new Sprint.