The nodes of the Xriba Chain will be NFTs by Xriba Dev

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Project goal:
Selling Xriba Chain nodes through a sale of NFTs that can be purchased in XRA

Briefly summary of the project:
Create an NFT sales smart contract that will be the future validator nodes of the Xriba Chain which will collect the transaction fees.

How it can help the Xriba community and ecosystem?
This allows us to reduce the XRA TVL and increase the demand for the XRA token with an increase in the market price, therefore to the benefit of all token holders.

Project description:

A smart contract will have to be created on Binance Smart Chain with a dApp for the sale of each single NFT, together with which there will be a unique image of the Xriba Chain node
The selling price of each individual NFT will need to be incremental so that those who buy NFTs first will be rewarded.
When the chain is complete, it will be possible to convert the NFT purchased with the Xriba Chain node.

Additional resources:

Epic approved by the DAO within the “Sun” roadmap.