Bridge development between Xriba Chain and BNB Chain by Xriba Dev

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Is it related to other projects already posted on the Forum?

Project goal:
The main purpose of this bridge is to allow the transfer of XRA between the Xriba Chain and BNB Chain and vice versa.

Briefly summary of the project:
A bridge based on Atomic Swap like the one already existing between Ethereum and BNB Chain.

How it can help the Xriba community and ecosystem?
The community needs to be able to move XRA between the two chains more than anything else, and for the use of the Xriba Chain. Given that they have used the BNB Chain to transfer XRA when it was possible with the previous bridge, having the possibility to enter Xriba Chain directly from BNB Chain without having to go back to Ethereum is certainly a useful advantage, both to save steps and to save fees.

Project description:

Develop a Dapp that interfaces with smart contracts respectively deployed on the two chains and that allows XRA to be exchanged to and from the two chains automatically and independently. In this way, each user can transfer the XRA tokens on the BNB Chain to the Xriba Chain and vice versa.

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