2nd GUIDE - How to Propose Something

As you've read throughout the first guide, development proposals must be discussed on the forum before being added and voted in a DAO Sprint. (We recommend that you read the suggested guide first.)


This is required for various reasons.

  • The number of characters that can be used in a dApp proposal is limited. However, it is required that the proposal be first affiliated and then put to a vote.

  • Every roadmap has the duration of the next Sprint as its end. This means that proposals involving excessively long development times will not be approved. These must be divided into smaller development steps that may be completed in a single sprint.

  • It is not possible to comment or discuss on the dApp with other users or developers. The Forum is the only place where you can discuss the proposals. This allows you to cast your vote for the proposals that have the best chance of succeeding.

Let's go step by step.

First step - Fill out the form

Fill up the form to submit your development proposal, and the administrators will create a topic for your proposal as soon as possible.

Second step - Chat with the community

Chat about your idea to that of other members of the community to make it as widely shared as possible, increasing the probability of its success. To promote interest in your suggestion, use the button at the bottom of the page to post your social media concept, tag Xriba, and engage potential voters.

Third step - Divide your idea into features or development steps

During the voting on the DAO dApp, the amount of effort necessary to develop a proposal is critical. A proposal must be feasible within the next Sprint timeframe in order to be included in the roadmap.

As a result, you'll need to break down your initial proposal into smaller chunks, each of which may be completed in a Sprint.

Fourth Step - Add your proposal to the DAO dApp

Click the "Open dApp" link in the upper right navigation bar to access the voting dApp.

Check which Sprint stage we're on. Only during the "Collecting Proposals" phase can proposals be submitted. You will have to wait until the following Sprint to add your proposal if we are at a later stage.

To be able to add proposals, connect your MetaMask wallet to the dApp and deposit at least 1000 XRA (check the voting requirements in dApp). Once the deposit has been validated, check the dApp's Home to see if anyone else has already uploaded your idea. Then select "Add Proposal" from the drop-down menu.

At this point you can paste your development step, you have a limit of 2000 characters. Once pasted, send the proposal and approve the transaction with Metamask.

Fifth step - Vote!

Once the proposal collection phase is over, the Poker Planning phase will begin in which the developers will give an estimate of the effort required by each proposal. 


WARNING: If your proposal is not considered feasible by the next Sprint, violates community policies, is not linked to a forum topic or does not provide sufficient elements to be understood, it will be considered invalid. Developers will not estimate the effort required by leaving "0" as the value. Any proposal with "0" effort will be voteable but regardless of the votes received will not enter the final roadmap.