Development of Xriba Chain compatible with EVM by Xriba Dev

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Project goal:
Develop the chain focused on business use cases.

Briefly summary of the project:
Since the XRA token is already present on two EVM chains, namely Ethereum and BNB Chain, the Xriba Chain must have compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine to be more easily integrated with these two Chains where the XRA token currently resides.

How it can help the Xriba community and ecosystem?
If the Xriba Chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, this means that all the smart contracts and dapps that currently exist on Ethereum will be able to run without friction on the Xriba Chain. And this is very important given that, at least for the moment Ethereum remains the de facto standard for DeFi, Dapps, and smart contracts.

Therefore, in addition to improving and facilitating the integration of the Xriba Chain with the XRA token and the other applications present on Ethereum and BNB Chain, a network effect is obtained, brought about by a large number of developers and of products already existing on the Ethereum ecosystem, and, at an early stage, for the Xriba Chain, even being able to attract only a small part of these is a great success.

In this way, the Xriba Chain will be compatible with all Ethereum and BNB Chain wallets that support the change and personalization of the RPC network.

Project description:

Develop the Xriba Chain based on an Ethereum fork, to be able to customize it according to specific needs while maintaining the possibility of writing smart contracts in Solidity.

The reference coin of the Xriba Chain will be XRA, and not ETH or BNB. Its 100% compatibility with other EVMs will allow you to adopt any smart contract written for Ethereum or BNB Chain directly on the Xriba Chain without requiring any structural changes to the software.

All smart contracts currently present on Ethereum and on the BNB Chain will be able to dialogue with the smart contracts on the Xriba Chain or be imported into it.

The development will be carried out first in a development environment, to then bring to light a first testnet, which will then be the Xriba Chain testnet for all developers who want to try their software before putting it on the mainnet.

When the first release of the testnet is stable, the release of the mainnet will start.

The testnet, when released, will first of all be open to a few beta testers, and then it will be gradually open to the public.

Another important aspect of the EVM compatibility is that the Xriba Chain will be compatible with all the main wallets for Ethereum and BNB Chain that support the EVM Chains, which includes MetaMask.

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Epic approved by the DAO within the “Sun” roadmap.